Preventing and managing farm animal diseases with a record keeping system

Preventing and managing farm animal diseases with a record keeping system

Disease and treatment record are one some of the records that helps a farm remain profitable for a long time. It helps farmers to easily track disease occurrences during the lifetime of a farm animal. In addition, disease and treatment record draw attention to vulnerable farm animals. Also, disease and treatment record help in deciding treatment for farm animals.
Ways to keep your farm in a profitable state using disease and treatment record include;

Record disease occurrence date
Recording when a disease breakout on a farm can help shift the future of a farm for the good. A farmer with a good record will attract extension services quicker than a farmer with none. This is because researchers and veterinaries categorize cases as an emergency when a record answers; “When a disease attack a farm and the number of farm animals that are affected?” A record must show how many times a single or group of animals have been hit by a certain disease.

Farm animals, like humans, are susceptible to different diseases. Bacteria, fungi, and parasites cause various diseases for farm animals. But through vaccination, a farm manager can prevent or reduce the illness of farm animals. Farm manager must keep record whenever farm animals are vaccinated. Vaccination administration helps one keep track of farm animals’ vaccination program.

Spraying is conducive for eliminating external parasites that are on farm animals and hand spraying using knapsack sprayer is the most common method that is used in less-developed countries. This is because the sprayer is cheap and ideal for farmers that have fewer animals. Recording spraying time, numbers of animal that are sprayed and parasiticides used are important.

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When recording treatment, it is important to record medicines in animals’ medicine book. When recording treatment, one must record products trade name, type of animals treated. Also, one must record animals identity’s numbers, treatment date, the quantity of a product used for treatment and product expiration date must.

De-worming is a method used to remove worms from the digestive system of farm animals. De-wormed animals grow faster, function better and produce better meat, milk, and eggs. Despite these, de-worming depends on farm animals type, drugs, and weather seasons. This is because some parasites are dormant during a certain season but active in another. Also, some animals are resistant to certain drugs but a good record will keep you on track to the time season and drugs that work best for your farm animals.

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