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The agriculture sector in Liberia accounts for employment of nearly 70 percent of the economically active population, and over 90 percent of total exports.

Also, agriculture has contributed 76.9 percent of the national Gross Domestic Production (GDP) in 2011, according to the World Factbook, Liberia-CIA(2012). Despite the contribution of the sector on the economy, mainstream media in Liberia rarely report on the agriculture sector. Against this backdrop, the AgriGrind blog strives to increase coverage on Liberia’s agriculture sector. AgriGrind covers various topics on Liberia’s agriculture sector including agri-politics, agri-business, Climate change, production practices, fisheries, forestry, women, and youth.


AgriGrind has a specific purpose and that is to increase visibility and participation in Liberia’s agriculture sector by providing information useful to every actor that is operating in the sector.

Innovations that we bring to the table

Agricultural extension is one of the several preconditions necessary to increase productivity, and improve the living conditions of actors that are working along the agricultural value chain. Through our Farming Better videos we pass on best farming practices that increase farmers’ yeild. Our videos promote best practices on livestock and crop productions and we collaborate with agricultural experts, farmers, and agriculture colleges to produce these videos. Also, our Agribusiness Ideas page suggest areas for possible business venture to people that are looking out to do farming as a business.

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Our Team

Our team comprises of young Liberians from various professional backgrounds ranging from Journalism to Information Technology. Our team of journalists works across the country ensuring that we keep our readers and viewers up-to-date on activities in Liberia’s agriculture sector.

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