Agro-Inputs: 4 strategies to apply when buying inputs in Liberia

Agro-Inputs: 4 strategies to apply when buying  inputs in Liberia

Seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, feed, feeders, crop protection chemicals, and farm machinery, are some agricultural inputs. These inputs with the right application boost farm productivity and profitability. Here are four strategies to consider when buying farm inputs in Liberia.    

Contracting a purchasing agent

Purchasing goods and services is indeed a complex process. A lot of work is put into getting the best result. Contracting a purchasing agent to handle such aspects of business operations is the surest route to embark on. A purchasing agent helps mitigate risk in the procurement process, negotiates best deals, and ensures ethical and sustainable sourcing practices. However, be sure to give due diligence to the process by running a background investigation before going into business with a purchasing agent. To emphasize, go to purchasing firms that have the expertise and good testimonies.

Forward purchasing

Seasons influence agricultural activities and the distribution of farm inputs. Forward purchasing technique surely helps mitigate the hassles and bustles associated with acquiring in-demand inputs during a specific production season. Simply put, it is securing inputs for a particular agriculture season in advance.

Comparison shopping

It is the practice of comparing the prices of products or services from different vendors before buying. It is time-consuming, but it is a worthy exercise. With this technique, you also have the chance to assess the quality and features of agri inputs like tractors and other farm machines before making a purchase.

Group purchasing

It is individual farmers coming together as a group to buy in bulk. It is a cost-saving but also a time-saving strategy for small-scale agribusinesses. However, joining a group purchasing organization comes with specific requirements.

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