Poultry Farming: 6 factors to consider before establishing a poultry farm in Liberia

Poultry Farming: 6 factors to consider before establishing a poultry farm in Liberia

Poultry products make up most of the meat served in every meal in Liberia. From restaurants to street food vendors, poultry products must make the menu. For instance, Knoema (www.knoema.com), a global data platform estimates that Liberia imported a total of $US 24,874 worth of poultry products in 2016. Yet, the demand for poultry products in the country remains high. This is because the local market has experienced severe shortage of poultry products over the years. Though this lacuna in poultry products provides an opportunity for would-be entrepreneurs, it is important to consider factors relevant to setting up a poultry farm in Liberia. AgriGrind presents six factors for key considerations.

Business Registration
Business registration is one of the important aspects to consider when venturing into poultry farm establishment. A registered business enjoys legal rights and protection under the Liberian law. Also, a registered business stands a brighter chance of getting a loan from the bank. It also improves investment chances and brand acceptance from the public.
In Liberia, there are diverse categories of business registration. One can register a business under a sole proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Partnership categories. Other categories include Business Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Non-profit, and Foreign Corporation.

Business Plan
A business plan is a blueprint. It specifies and gives guidance in managing resources for achieving business goals. A business plan must address all aspects of your poultry business. Some aspects include your niche, labor skills, SWOT-Analysis, business category, pricing, and funding.
Budget Plan
A business budget is different from sale forecast. Sale forecast predicts future earning but a budget plan influences what you do with existing resources. It outlines how you spend your money to get labor, chicks, equipment, feed, power, drugs and vaccines among other things.
Poultry types
The termed “poultry” refers to all domesticated birds. Domesticated birds include turkeys, guinea fowl, ostrich, duck, geese, and chicken. It is almost impossible to farm all birds on a farm, so bird type selection is key to having a successful farm. Nonetheless, sound market research must back bird type selection.

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Poultry production type and Breed
Raising bird such as “chicken” for meat or egg purpose classifies your production type. And the chicken with high egg production or weight gain rate is a good breed. Therefore, poultry production types are broiler (meat) and layer (egg) productions; but it is a good breed that makes you the profits.
Factors associated with breed selection are; adaptability to new environment, intolerance to disease. Other factors relevant to breed selection include high egg production and good weight gain rate.

Production Site Selection
The location of your farm could adversely impact your business. Technically, site selection will make or mar your business but there are certain steps to follow to be on the safer side.
First, hire a professional! It might be a stupid thing to do but it will save you from spending foolishly in the future. “No man knows everything!
Despite hiring an expert, you must know some factors that influence the selection of a site. These factors include road network, sunshine, rainfall, topography, and winds. Other factors include government laws and regulations, neighborhood, and public areas.

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