3 Low-cost businesses to start this pepper season

3 Low-cost businesses to start this  pepper season

Hot pepper is one of the key ingredients in Liberian cuisine. Research has linked eating hot pepper with reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. Other nutrients research has found in hot pepper include vitamin D, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber.

Although hot pepper demand is high throughout the year, the price and availability of the commodity boil down to the weather seasons in Liberia. Hot pepper is in abundance during the wet season in Liberia but supply reduces during the dry season, affecting an increase in price for the commodity.

Perishability is another factor affecting the sale of hot-pepper as it is often sold in fresh form. During the wet season (rainy season) hot pepper is sold at a very low price, decision traders make to avoid spoilage. Even though pepper is currently sold in fresh form, improved preservation practices will keep hot pepper around when the crop season is long gone. In this article, AgriGrind tried to draw attention to three (3) low-cost business ideas that will earn you cash this pepper season.

  1. Pepper Sauce

Starting a pepper sauce business would be fun but it is definitely an honest way to make cash. Going into pepper sauce production won’t require much. One can start manually and encourage friends’ recommendations for market penetration. Fresh pepper, jars for packaging and other desired ingredients are enough to start a pepper sauce business.

2. Pepper Powder

This is another way to keep your food hot when pepper season is long gone. Manual production is ideal because it is inexpensive and securing productions materials is not really difficult. Basic materials needed for this production include a custom-made dryer or an electrical dehydrator, wooden-mortar, pot, packaging jars or sachets. Ingredients depend on producer choice.

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3. Fresh Pepper delivery truck

Under this category, you are not just an ordinary fresh pepper trader. You sell with style. You distinguish your business by packaging, labeling and assuring restaurants and hotels that they can bet on you. The goal under this category is to supply busy kitchens around Monrovia with fresh hot pepper all year round. We recommend that you go into contract with local pepper producers whose farms are accessible but not too far from the Monrovia.

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