What is agricultural-product packaging & how does it play out in marketing operations?

What is agricultural-product packaging & how does it play out in marketing operations?

Increasing value-added products are displaying innovations from Liberia’s agriculture sector. Agricultural products are no longer consumed traditionally. For instance, instead of consuming cassava as Fufu, gari or (depia), the tuber crop is processed into flour or glue (starch).  This change has welcomed modernized agricultural-product packaging. But product-packaging in the West African state is just a science of preserving agricultural-products quality. However, agricultural product packaging goes beyond the preservation of food quality. Here, agri-business advisor, Thelma T. Ahamba explains the science and art of agricultural-product packaging and the role it plays in marketing operations. 

Why is product packaging important? 

Packaging is a big deal for product presentation. It is more than just getting a container to carry your products on shelves. The packaging of a product is as important as the product itself and demands the same level of energy and creativity that is invested in designing a product. There are so many pieces tied to the benefits of what good packaging offers your brand as a business.

                 I.           Product packaging serves as a marketing tool: A properly packaged product can serve as a great marketing tool for your brand in advertising. The package stands as a mouthpiece for the brand whose name the product carries. It communicates not only what the product offers to customers but projects the brand’s value proposition. It’s ideal to creatively craft the message you want your product to convey to customers and potential customers.

              II.           Brand recognition: Good packaging makes your brand easily recognizable. When you think of your favorite brands, what comes to mind? They all have one thing in common; they’re recognizable. Let’s look at Coca Cola, over the years they have only changed their brand while remaining true to their original look.

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          III.           Brand differentiation: Your product packaging is essential to the differentiation of your brands from its competitors. There are tens of thousands of products on the market that are competing for your customer’s attention. One way you can set your brand apart from the rest to capture customers’ attention is to have an eye-catching packaging that will stand tall among others.

          IV.           Influence customer’s purchase decision: The colors you use to package your product plays a vital role in influencing a customer’s purchase decision. According to color experts, your brain reacts to colors in different ways. For instance, white packaging conveys safety, purity, and simplicity. When deciding what color scheme to use on your product packaging, keep in mind that you want to stand out in the customer’s mind and influence their purchase decision.

How does product packaging play out in sales operations? 

The role of product packaging is vital to its sales operation and customers appreciate innovation in product packaging. Many customers choose a convenient product over a non-convenient one. For instance, a travel-size hand lotion would probably sell more than a 24oz bottle, as it is easy to carry, lighter and more convenient.

How is product packaging related to consumers’ health? 

The way a product is packaged and the contents written on the label has everything to do with a customer’s health as it reveals the detail of the product’s content. The health and nutrition fact that is written on a product’s package gives the customer a full closure of the content that is packaged and that can help in the decision-making process of a customer. For instance, a customer might be allergic to a particular ingredient and if a product has it included, that might help them purchase another option instead of what will cause them to have allergy reaction.

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How product packaging helps brand recognition?

As stated, how a particular product is packaged may or may not set it apart from its competitors. Because your product serves as your brand’s mouthpiece, it is ideal to have a distinctively packaged product that will leave your brand well-positioned in the minds of your customers and potential customers. For instance, Coca Cola is known for their red and white colors on their beverage bottle which sets them apart from Pepsi even if they are located in the same refrigerator of a local supermarket.

Why is design important in product packaging? What are the dos and don’ts in designing packaging products? 

Design in product packaging is very crucial. It goes beyond just serving its purpose of protecting the product during transit from the producer to the retailer. It is basically judging the book by its cover. No matter how good a product is, nobody would have a second thought to purchase it if, it doesn’t look attractive.

When designing a package for your product, remember you want to attract customers and influence their decision so everything on the package must correspond to achieving that purpose. From the font of the text on the package to the color schemes chosen, every detail on the package must be consistent.

Packaging must contain all necessary and useful information that will help guide the customer with useful tips. Do not imitate other brands; seek to have a unique package that will make your product stand out.

What information do consumers want to go on a product that is packaged?  

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The information provided on the package of a product gives customers a hint of what the content contains. Usually, customers would appreciate that information provided on the package of a product helps in the decision-making process of their purchase. Some basic information that customers expect to see on a package are:

·      Health and nutrition facts

·      Product name

·      Manufacturer and Expiry  dates

·      Package size/ weight

·      Manufacturer/ brand details

·      Barcode

·      Directions/ Usage procedure

·      Ingredients

Thelma T. Ahamba is an agribusiness advisor at GROW-Liberia, an agri-business, and investment advisory programme that partners with businesses, investors, associations, and government agencies to accelerate inclusive economic returns within high-growth industries in Liberia. She is also the CEO of Themmy Advertising and Modestafrik-Seth’s Stitches. Both are leading brands in fashion and marketing, respectively.

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