Papaya Farming: Papaya (Pawpaw) health benefits and business opportunities

Papaya Farming: Papaya (Pawpaw) health benefits and business opportunities

Papaya (pawpaw) is a very popular fruit in Liberia and the world at large. The fruit which is harvested throughout the year has vast nutritious and medicinal value. Certainly, no one loses when it comes to pawpaw. Consumers take away unimaginable health benefits and a farmer or processor, on the other hand, walks away with cash and a great deal of satisfaction. These benefits placed a high market value on pawpaw. In this article, AgriGrind tried to highlight some health benefits and business opportunities in papaya (pawpaw) farming. Let’s begin with the health befits of papaya(pawpaw).

  • Papaya is a great source of fibre, vitamin C, and antioxidants that prevent cholesterol build up in the arteries.
  • Papaya helps in weight loss activity.
  • One papaya will fulfill quite two-hundredth of your daily demand for ascorbic acid, creating it nice to create a stronger immune system.
  • Papayas are low in sugar content, making it a wonderful fruit for diabetics
  • Papayas are wealthy in fat-soluble vitamin and flavonoids like provitamin A, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, and xanthophyll that keep the mucous membranes within the eyes healthy.
  •  Papaya is wealthy in many nutrients including Vitamin C which might keep you free from stress.

Business Opportunities

Globally, papaya is used for many purposes. Therefore, papaya (pawpaw) farming or any venture along the value chain, could be a profitable undertaking. Some possible business opportunities could be;

  • Supplier of ripe papaya

Ripe papaya is usually consumed fresh as a breakfast or dessert fruit. Supermarkets, hotels, and homes would appreciate a consistent supplier of quality papaya.

  • Food processing opportunities

Papaya has great importance to the food processing industry. Papaya jams, dried papaya, papaya juice, and papaya ice cream are possible processing opportunities.

  • Supply pig farms with wasted or rejected papaya
  • Papain is a milky latex collected by making incisions in unripe papayas. The latex is either sun-dried or oven-dried and sold in powdered form to be used in beer clarifiers, meat tenderizers, digestion aids, wound debridement aids, tooth-cleaning powders, and other products.
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