Meet Joe Sehneah, a young farmer earning money from growing garden egg-carrots, and onions

Meet Joe Sehneah, a young farmer earning money from growing garden egg-carrots, and onions

His journey began with a desire to get the best quality seeds for vegetable production. In 2018, Joe Sehneah traveled to the Ivory Coast in a search for vegetable quality seeds that have a high yielding rate but what he saw next dared him to try. 

“I saw varieties of vegetables and fruits on the market, including onions, carrots, sweet peppers, radishes, and others,” said Sehneah. “I realized that there was a need, as a young man to venture and contribute to my country’s food bank by cultivating some of the most difficult vegetable crops which are imported to Liberia.” 

After his return from the Ivory Coast, Sehneah went on to experiment whether Liberia is favorable for carrot and onion productions. He raised the initial capital of US$ 500 (LR$97,500) to purchase essential materials and hired labor for the production of carrot and onion on a very small scale.  

Although carrot and onion production practices are not popular in Liberia, Sehneah has utilized extra research documents to avoid failure in the early stage of production. 

“I have avoided failure by carrying out some of the best agricultural practices but not limited to site selection, acquiring improved seeds and planting materials. 

“ Also, I have been carrying out appropriate pest and disease control measures, adequate plant nutrition/fertility, crop rotation and carefully observing all cultural practices associated with crop production,” said Sehneah. 

The young farmer is now reaping the best from his efforts as demand for locally grown vegetables continues to grow.

Marketing and sales

He is receiving orders from top supermarkets and restaurants including the Stop and Shop Supermarket, Monoprix Supermarket, Era hub Supermarket, Royal Grand Hotel, Boulevard Palace, Golden Key Hotel, Benson Street Fruit and Vegetables market, and the Old Road Fruit and Vegetable market.

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Responding to how farming has transformed his life, the young farmer told AgriGrind that farming has changed his life in a way he had never thought. 

“Agriculture has transformed my life from a low income person to a middle-class person, and also from employee to employer,” said Sehneah.

Few harvested onions from Sehneah’s plots

Moreover, Sehneah is urging young Liberians to return to the soil. He says it is a bank that brings maximum returns. 

“The Soil is the best bank and investing in it brings maximum returns. It is reliable; you can be self-employed, control and rely on your cash. You can enrich yourself also do the same to other less fortunate people,” he said. 


5 thoughts on “Meet Joe Sehneah, a young farmer earning money from growing garden egg-carrots, and onions

  1. Thanks bro for the bold step. Keep doing what you do best. Society appreciates a hardworking young passionate person like you.

  2. Joe’s story is one of the rarer stories in Liberia. Hope his, can be echoed to the hearing of many young Liberians. Many wealthy people we’ve heard about, started in just a small way as Joe. But consistency and hard work, birthed by sincerity and commitments had made them the change agents they are today. As such, I want to encourage Joe to keep on working hard. As often said, the race is not to the switch, but he that dwell to the end. Let him keep his eyes on the big picture. Let him not be consumed by the praises, but keep sight on changing the Liberian narratives. Anyway, it is a great initiative to let us know about the strives names like Joe are making towards agriculture sector development in Liberia, but it will serve well if agrigrind could publish the particulars of the farmer under review so that whoever wants to connect with them can do so using this medium. By particulars, I mean their emails, phone contacts, websites and so forth. Thanks and continue your great work. Your platform is helping a lot of us, diaspora Liberians who are interested in agriculture to know exactly what the agriculture landscape looks like currently in Liberia. Thanks

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