House of Representatives’ Agriculture Committee inspects Solidaridad Interventions sites

House of Representatives’ Agriculture Committee inspects Solidaridad Interventions sites

A three-man delegation on the Standing Committee of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries at the House of Representative recently completed a three-day tour to Solidaridad-Liberia’s projects counties.

The delegation included Rep. Prince Togba of Nimba County, Rep. Mathew Joe of Grand Bassa County, and Rep. Byron Zahnwea of Rivercess County.

The Lawmakers toured several sites including cocoa nurseries, model farms, and the Centers for Cocoa Development (CCD) respectively in Bong and Nimba Counties.

Chairman of the Committee, Rep. Prince Togba said that the visit afforded them first-hand experience on projects that Solidaridad-Liberia is implementing.
“This tour gives us full knowledge and understanding about the activities of Solidaridad Liberia,” says Rep. Togba of Nimba. “This [projects] will benefit the farmers, the communities in which they live and eventually benefit Liberia.”

He expressed his delight about the mixed-cropping technology that Solidaridad-Liberia has integrated into its cocoa programme.
“People have been taught to plant food crops that they can [start harvesting] before the cocoa starts to produce. This is really innovative,” he said.

Members of the Committee meeting with some farmers in Nimba County

Boima Bafaie, Solidaridad-Liberia’s Manager for Cocoa Programme, disclosed the establishment of rural infrastructures-Centers for Cocoa Development (CCDs). He said that they are formulating a sustainable plan that will keep the center afloat when their programmes expire.

Solidaridad-Liberia is implementing projects including Liberia Cocoa Sector Improvement Programme, (LICSIP) which is funded by the European Union in Liberia, the Dutch Government-funded Cocoa Rehabilitation and Intensification Programme (CORIP) and the Sustainable West Africa Palm-oil Programme, (SWAP).

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